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                      Clear advantages of online lessons:

  • You save a lot of time, money (fuel costs) and stress.
  • You can deepen your guitar skills in a familiar atmosphere at home.
  • Lessons are location-independent: All you need is an internet connection.
  • And the most important ! ! ! : Students can record videos during online lessons and repeat key sequences every day for free. In any traditional class, you forget about 40% of what you've learned. Everything is saved during online lessons. Because of the online lessons with video recordings, you save twice!

All you need is:

  • a computer with a DSL Internet connection,
  • a webcam
  • headphones with a microphone
  • and the free program Discord, Oovoo, Skype or other...


Click on a question to get an answer.

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1. I have no experience with online classes and I don't want to lose money.

There is no risk as I offer a free and non-binding trial lesson. During this lesson you can get an idea of how online guitar lessons work and whether this way of teaching suits you. I understand the fear of the new and the unknown, but nothing is more valuable than your own experience. Most of my students were also quite skeptical at first, but now they are really excited about the online lessons.

2. Online guitar lessons I can't see and hear everything very well.

Not correct! I have a professional webcam with Karl Zeiss optics and 15 MP resolution with a very good microphone. From 1.2 Mbit/s Internet line, (HD) video call for online guitar lessons runs without fluctuations, fluently and without interruption. Because of my long experience, I know how to hold the guitar in front of the camera to draw the students' attention to the essentials, so that they can grasp what is important when fingering and plucking even faster than in normal guitar lessons, especially with difficult chord changes.

3. There are enough tutorial videos on the internet. Why should I need a teacher for this?

Of course you can learn without a teacher. But then there is no one who can correct errors in good time. There is a risk of learning incorrectly and becoming accustomed to what has been learned incorrectly. Unfortunately, changing bad habits is not that easy. I offer the student lessons in real time, during which I accompany the learning process. The students get my corrections, explanations, remarks, advice, answers to their questions, etc. So I not only give the opportunity to record the desired fragments of each guitar lesson, but a complete, interactive lesson. This way you not only learn without making mistakes, you certainly make much faster progress.

4. Are online classes less effective without the physical presence of the teacher?

From my many years of experience (I have been teaching online for 15 years), it is clear that an online lesson with a teacher is no less effective than a lesson with a teacher in direct contact. Sometimes it's the other way around. It turns out that many students feel more comfortable online. You feel safer, more relaxed. The way the cameras are positioned allows students to see the neck of the guitar better (i.e. exactly as they see it) and learn guitar tricks faster.

5. What if the connection is bad? Is the lesson lost?

No, the lesson is not lost. In such a situation, we transfer the lesson to another appointment.

6. Which program do I need?

I can teach through different communicators. However, my experience shows that Discord works best in this situation. In addition, there is no need to download the app. One can simply use Discord browser app and create an account there on the registration website.

Discord register
7. I can't tune my guitar. How do I deal with this in an online lesson?

It is no problem to tune the guitar yourself. This is thanks to guitar tuning phone app. Just press the right string and the app will tell us if the string is in tune. Link to app:

8. Can the teacher correct the position of the hand in online lessons?

Yes, I can see if the hand is positioned correctly and I can direct the student to place their hand correctly.

9. Can I record my lessons?

This is not necessary as each student receives a video with practice material, tips and comments from me after each lesson. However, if you need to record the entire lesson, you can easily do so.

10. Can several people take part in an online lesson at the same time?

Yes, that is possible. Online messengers allow multiple people to meet at the same time. At the same time, I would like to remind you that more family members can participate in the same lesson for the same price. Of course, too many participants reduce the time per student. In my experience, two to three people is a good number.


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