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My experience as a guitar teacher My path to the guitar was always straight in the sense of setting goals, but not always easy to achieve. But those who strive for something know that... Not without importance, or perhaps I should say: people I met were of incredibly great importance: teachers, friends, musicians. Good souls, wise people from whom I received not only good advice, great support but also constructive criticism when it was needed. I have been a teacher myself for over 20 years and pass on my experience and all my knowledge on the subject of playing the guitar. For several years I have been giving guitar lessons in Berlin but also online worldwide. I will help you on many levels: – I accompany my students in discovering their passion for the guitar, I help their dormant or hidden talents without pressure to perform, but with the aim of: playing the guitar, waking them up; – I show my students the best methods to practice and improve playing technique, from very simple to virtuosity 🙂 – I support you in learning the accompaniment of songs, from simple to very complicated pieces; – I take care of their musical development, which also includes theory and ear training; – I serve with advice on arranging and composing; – and with advice on buying the guitar and the music equipment.
Graduated from the Academy of Music in Kraków. Works in Kraków jazz clubs "Pod Jaszczurami", "Jama Michalika" and "Pod Baranami". Rock concerts as part of the Festival of Progressive Rock in Kiev Park in front of twenty-five thousand spectators. Arrangements for film and music events in Poland. First prize for the best guitar arrangement at the Festival of Authors' Songs in Kraków Inspired by the atmosphere of Kraków's first compositions Numerous prizes at composers' competitions Since 1998 in Germany 3 CDs "On the road", "Found in the corridor of the world" and "Born to be together" for the label "Acoustic Music" Peter Fingers: As part of "The International Guitar Night" performances with well-known guitar players such as Peter Finger, Eric Lugosch, Jamie Findlay, Isato Nakagawa and Tim Sparks. Own compositions were presented at major events such as EXPO 2000 in Hanover and at the International Horticultural Exhibition IGA, Rostock 2003.